Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Dates Are Set... It's On!

Greetings Twitards!

After much  procrastinating  discussion, the "committee" and I have chosen dates for the great Hawaiian adventure of 2013.

Drum roll please...

The week commencing 9th September 2013

...or thereabouts.

The current plan is to have a base somewhere on the main island, not too far from Honolulu but also nice and quiet with plenty of beach and plenty of cocktails (I believe @AllTwiedUp has some ideas on location) from which people can come and go as they please, whenever they please.

I am committing to being in Hawaii (and traveling around the islands) for three weeks, arriving the weekend of 1st September and staying until weekend of 22nd September. So, if anyone wasn't able to make it in the week of the 9th, or wanted to come longer than a week, you can always hang with me.

It was decided not to travel in August as in Hawaii the schools don't go back until September and therefore there would be troublesome young people around (tut tut) and considerably higher flight and accommodation prices. I'm sorry if this is a problem for anyone, but I'm sure you can understand we had to go with majority-rule.

So, get discussing, laideeeees! Who's adding plans to their calendars? Pennies to their savings accounts? *raises hand on both counts*


  1. Aw dude! I'd love to. IF I come into money I'll be there, but as that is very unlikely, I'll have to join you in spirit....rum, tequila, grey goose....

  2. Hmmm I get 5 weeks vacation next year. 2 weeks in Hawaii?? I am in at least for the week!! *gets out iPhone calendar to add dates*

  3. I'd love to say yes, but have to say no. It's the boy's birthday that week, there's no way I can go. Maybe if it were the week before? And thats assuming all the stars align & Im not living in my car because Im beyond broke. Keep me posted cuz I'd love to make it work. :)

  4. Sounds fun but our family is currently saving up for a trip to France & Slovenia that summer.....I don't think I will be able to sneak off to Hawaii right after. I will live vicariously through your tweets. Xo, Cynnie/VitaminR

  5. Oh this would be fun.... I'll try to talk hubs into it, we are discussing trying to get away for a vacation and this would be perfect.

  6. Hooray! *scribbles down dates on calendar* I finally made it over here to find out the dates. What a slacker. ;)