Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hawaiian Twitards are GO!

Hi team!

When I saw that MusingBella had left a comment on the first post on this blog this morning, it reminded me that I feel a little advanced planning is required. That, and I am in the middle of what is supposed to be my summer holiday and it's cold and raining outside.

I would really like to narrow down a date and a possible location for our Hawaiian get together. Y'know, so we can start our engines countdowns...

I'm thinking July/August 2013 but would like some tips as to when is best... do we need to work around school holidays etc?

All suggestions welcome in the comments please. I am looking to form a Hawaiian Twitards Executive Committee with whom to make such decisions... so when we have more info, it will be posted here.

Meanwhile... get saving, team! There'll be plenty of Mai-Tais to be had...


  1. I vote late July. The school year here starts in early August (it was the 10th this year!) So no trips for me in August. I promise to start using my Hawaiian Miles visa so I have enough air miles to make it there for free! Then I vote we sleep on the beach...what? The locals do it, why can't we? kidding. I'd much rather stay in a posh hotel or as All Twied Up suggested, maybe we can find a house to rent somewhere that would be way cheaper than $250/night for hotel rooms. Thanks for keeping this going Future girl!!

  2. Thanks Kate. Can you please find out the date that the school year starts? Will help with the planning :0)

    Love the idea of a house!