Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hawaiian Twitards are GO!

Hi team!

When I saw that MusingBella had left a comment on the first post on this blog this morning, it reminded me that I feel a little advanced planning is required. That, and I am in the middle of what is supposed to be my summer holiday and it's cold and raining outside.

I would really like to narrow down a date and a possible location for our Hawaiian get together. Y'know, so we can start our engines countdowns...

I'm thinking July/August 2013 but would like some tips as to when is best... do we need to work around school holidays etc?

All suggestions welcome in the comments please. I am looking to form a Hawaiian Twitards Executive Committee with whom to make such decisions... so when we have more info, it will be posted here.

Meanwhile... get saving, team! There'll be plenty of Mai-Tais to be had...