Monday, 31 December 2012

Hawaii trip is THIS YEAR! (almost)

OK so here in New Zealand 2013 is only 10 hours away...

The main reason for this post is to bring this blog back to life in people's Blogger timelines and remind you all that there's a trip happening in nine months... who's in?

It's almost like Hawaii is our baby and tonight, New Year's Eve, is CONCEPTION night.... hehehe
 Since last time I posted I have had to change my plans, I won't be in the islands for three weeks after all, but the week of September 9th is TOTALLY ON. I am now hoping to go to Hong Kong to see some family on the way.

From memory, we have myself, ChyLynn, Erin and Charla interested [Edit: and SHARON!! So sorry I forgot... blonde moment!]. Can you please indicate in the comments if you're keen, so that we can start having some conversations soon about location and accommodation?

Happy New Year, bitches.

Amy / @Twi_Kiwi xxx


  1. sniff sniff - you don't remember that I am in? :(

    I am definitely interested - even alllll the way from the east coast of the US.

  2. DOH!! Edited.... oops....

  3. No worries *said in my best Hawaiian voice*

  4. Yo Girls! I've just spent the last 48 hours watching Cosmopolis on repeat, and now I find this in my inbox!

    I would absolutely love to join you, but right now, health problems are in the way. IF I have back surgery, and IF I am able to get around afterwards, I think a little R&R in Hawaii sounds like a great idea!

  5. If I win the lottery in the next 9 months then I'm totally in!!! ;) Unfortunately it's unlikely otherwise. *sniff sniff*

  6. The sooner we have a number, the sooner we can talk where on the island we want to stay, and the sooner I can use my hook-ups. ;)

  7. Sadly I guess I'm out for this year. Surgery is scheduled for May, and I won't be able to travel before September.

    I doubt my boss will say "Sure! Take another two weeks off to go to Hawaii! We got by without you all summer - what's another few weeks?"