Saturday, 1 October 2011



If you've found this blog, you're probably aware there's been a wee bit of talk about the possibility of a Twitards trip to Hawaii in a couple of years. I set up a twitition a couple of weeks ago and several people have identified that they might be keen.

Now that you're all in a post-Forks funk, it's time to start thinking about the next twiventure!

I have no idea at this stage about dates, or duration, or location for that matter... I just thought Hawaii made sense, a little cheaper for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere to get to, and no passports required for American travellers.

So, start following this blog if you're keen, and we can keep talking more about ideas etc... let's make this a reality! Plenty of time to save $$$, and build excitement.

Oh., and if someone wants to help me pretty up this blog, feel free!


  1. My husband has already vetoed the idea of us going to Hawaii "with a bunch of old ladies". Hopefully I have enough time to change his mind between now & them. Wish me luck.

  2. I hope I find a rich husband who will sponsor my trip to Hawaii by then...

  3. Hey can you add a followers section so I can follow and watch for updates? You know I am in!!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @DD - Umm, I think you should be able to follow now... the blog seems to have five followers. I can add you to the 'send email notification of new post' thing if you'd like....

  5. I'm always down to go anywhere... haven't been to Hawaii since my Frosh year of hs for the NFL probowl...and when I went, I didn't get to explore, I had cheer practice ALL the time and other misc. events. Not like I'm complaning at all... it was still awesome. :)

  6. My w/v was verva. Which sounds gross. But maybe it's short for vervain. #VD

  7. I just want everyone to know that Mr. Snarky might kill me if I go to Hawaii without him - lol... (and he doesn't fly).

    Er, Dangrdafne, maybe it's time we have a serious talk about combating flier anxiety??? Hmmm... I would like to go to Hawaii someday, although I hear it is super-duper expensive (like the hotel would cost for one night what we spent for the entire time in Forks and definitely no cheap drinks at the Elks lol...).

    you are all nuts and i love you!

  8. Hawaii is not super-duper expensive - you can find places not too crazy. you do have to remember where you would be ... Hawaii! I am sure Suzie (honolulugirl) could help out with some info. Also I bet they offer group discounts :)

    Hypnotherapy is the way to go for flying anxiety. I have not had one incident since completing my time in hypnotherapy SIX years ago!

    I would think hubby's are invited, I have no issue with them coming along at all!

    @TwiKiwi - not sure what was happening with the follower section but even thing time I had to refresh three times before the link showed up. Harumph. You could add the "follow by email" option that Blogger offers. Then people receive the posts immediately and you don't have to sign them up :)

  9. You could also do a vacation rental and split the cost between your group. Housing can be affordable if you know where to look!

  10. This sounds very fun. I would definitely like to go to Hawaii some day (and bring the hubs, too). All I can promise is that I'll do my best to save up for the trip.

    Excellent idea TwiKiwi.

  11. That sounds really cool. I don't know if I could afford the trip. If I come into an unexpected windfall I'm there!

  12. Something tells me someone is spreading the word about this little blog! Thanks for all the awesome comments ladies!

    Watch this space for some more information about possible dates. If you're anything like me, you'll need to know how far away we're talking about for savings purposes.

    SQUEEEE! This could really happen!

  13. WILD HORSES won't keep me away! I'm popping my pennies into a special #TwitardsinHawaii box as I write.

    And, um, if I can do that, then all the US Twitards don't have ANY excuse! It's one of their states, for heaven's sake!

    I'm SO excited! :-D

  14. Finally got around to joining. My new year's resolution is to be less fail. LOL ;)

    HAWAII 2013!!! FTW!!!