Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Show of hands please

Hi all,

Less than four months now until our awesome adventure in Hawaii.

At this stage confirmed are: ChyLynn (@Chye_Lin) and her family; Erin (@musingbella) and her husband-to-be; Sharon (@dangrdafne) and myself (Amy; @FutureGirlNZ aka @Twi_Kiwi).

We would love to know if anyone else is thinking of joining us as we are now in serious discussion mode about accommodation, activities etc.

Could we please have an indication in the comments if there is anyone lurking out there who is possibly interested? 

We appreciate that there have been loads of people who initially were 'possibles' and who are no longer able to come along due to RL commitments.... (tick as many as applicable) damn money, jobs, kids, debt... who planted the money tree, where is it, and why hasn't it fruited yet?

Rest assured, those of us who are going along will take on the task of enabling our tweethearts to live vicariously through us, we'll even have a cocktail or  two  ten for you while we're there ;-)

Thanks everyone,

1 comment:

  1. I cannot even dream of joining you. It is so sad. But I shall be there in spirit <3