Thursday, 25 April 2013

TwiKiwi booked her flight too!

How exciting!

I just booked my flight as well.

I arrive in Honolulu on Friday 6th September at 9.30pm. I will be travelling back in time as I leave NZ on Saturday morning - that is always weird.

I depart Honolulu on Monday 16th September at 11.00pm to head back to the future and arrive home nine hours later, on Wednesday.

Just call me Marty McFly!

So far we have Sharon (dangrdafne), Erin (musingbella) and myself booked and confirmed, with several others that we know/think/hope are coming along (ChyLynn - yes, Charla - not sure).

Any other takers?

Next step - accommodation! I have no idea where to start with this and I know a few suggestions have been mentioned, so let's chat in the comments...



  1. I'm booked too!!! Fly in September 7-14! Since my mom is footing most of the bill for my family and wanted Ocean Front (who am I to argue) we are staying at the Waikiki Hilton. We will be centrally located. I can't wait to see everyone! xoxoxo!!!

  2. LUCKY DUCKS! I wish I was going with you! Instead, I'm having a spinal fusion one week from today, and by September I'll be right in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of Edward(s) sparkling on the beach! Hope you have a wonderful time!